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WAN & the global role of AMTCs 

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Healthcare professionals trained in an accelerated medical model exist in 50+ countries under 25+ different titles.

The term "Accelerated Medically Trained Clinician" (AMTC) encompasses all of these classifications. With personnel trained in the AMTC model, we work to expand health equity on a local and international level through collaboration, research, education, & advocacy.

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"The last decade has highlighted major gaps in the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of the health workforce in many countries...Recognizing this reality, there have been calls for a paradigm shift in health workforce development efforts, moving towards a more diverse range of skills supporting primary health care. This has catalysed growing interest in, and attention to, the potential of various types of community-based practitioners in expanding access to essential health services, particularly in under-served communities in low- and middle-income countries."

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"We have to optimally engage all our societal resources - in public, private and voluntary sectors - to provide universally accessible, affordable and appropriate health services to all citizens. This can only be done when all categories of health care providers are methodically integrated in to a well designed and efficiently coordinated framework of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)."

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