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AMTC Cadre Name:
Medical Assistants

established 1976
>30,000 Medical Assistants in Bangladesh

previously known as Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officers

Bangladesh cadre nam

Provider Density & Statistics

Bangladesh provider density.png
HRH Bangladesh per 10,000 population
Bang. provider density

Primary Care / Specialty Care Distribution

  • More than 85% of Medical Assistants provide health service/primary care in rural areas
  • Bangladesh is a global leader in providing free medical services at the community level
  • Medical Assistants are the "primary care backbone’" in Bangladesh
Bang. primary/specialty care

Scope of Practice

Primary care at the Union and Family Welfare Centers, as well as Upzila facilities. 
They are in the Family Planning sector under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. 
At this time, MAs are only given the right to provide supportive inpatient and outpatient medical services. Their scope can extend to provision of medical counseling to patients on causes of disease, ways to mitigate disease, and first line treatment of disease. Currently they are only allowed to prescribe 73 different medications
Bang. scope of practice

Age Distribution

Medical Assistants on average range from 25-60 years old

Gender Distribution

There is equal gender distribution between male and female Medical Assistants in Bangladesh

Bang. age and gender

Country Profile

Bangladesh country profile.png
Bang. country profle

Rural Practice Data

>85% of Medical Assistants provide health service/primary care in rural areas

Bang. rural data


Bangladesh Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Ministry of Education and other ministries work in collaboration with educational institutes to shape the health workforce to meet the populations’ needs.

As of 2021: 211 training schools: 11 public and 200 private
Admissions criteria: 10 years of schooling (must have Biology as a subject)
Training:  3 years of didactic and clinical rotations
after completion must pass final testing by the State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh
compulsory internship of 12 months
9 months are spent at a General/ Sadar hospital (or equivalent hospital) and 3 months at an Upazila Health Complex

Diploma in Medical Faculty (DMF) awarded at successful completion


Bangladesh has a population of over 166 million people with 70% in the rural areas. It is ranked 10th in the world by population density. The population continues to grow with net gain of one person every 20 seconds. 

The Medical Assistant profession was started in 1979 to staff the rural health centers, as well as the Union and Family Welfare Centers. These providers were seen as the primary care providers in the communities alongside other health workers. They are seen as the ‘physicians helping hand’.  For about a decade, Medical Assistants have been designated as Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officers (SACMO) in the Family Planning sector under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. In the Health sector, Medical Assistants were ascribed the designation of SACMO in 2013.


Bang. training
Bang. histry

Leadership Bodies / Regulation & Accreditation

Bangladesh leadership body map.png
Bangladesh state medical faculty.png

The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh

The Medical Assistant Training (MAT) course began in 1976 after the partition of Bengal in 1947 resulted in the development of both the State Medical Faculty of East Pakistan and State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh. These faculties have been holding examinations and awarding diplomas and certificates to candidates who have completed their course requirements. 

  • To prescribe syllabi for Medical Assistants

  • To lay down standard of teaching of the student by Government institutions conducting approved courses of studies, including practical training and field work.

  • To hold 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year examinations twice a year in the courses of studies of the above categories of students 

Secretary Dr. Md. Zahidur Rahman
"The conceptual framework of 'a healthy nation being a wealthy nation' has gradually been acknowledged in our country. For this reason we are here to improve health care facilities for the mass people to ensure quality human resources in the health sector. We want to reach the health service at the doorstep of the growing population. There is no substitute for a skilled worker. The main aim of this faculty is helps to maintain standard quality Medical Assistant and medical technological education recognition of medical qualifications in Bangladesh."

Bangladesh medical and dental council.png

Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council

Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council Provide Practitioner Licensing


  • Recognition of Medical and Dental qualifications granted by Medical and Dental Institutions in Bangladesh

  • Registration of Medical Assistants

  • Maintenance of registers of Medical Assistants

Bang. leadership, accreditaton and reg

Health Workforce Indicators Gathered In Country

Bangladesh indicators education and training.png
Bangladesh indicators practice.png
Bangladesh indicators country level.png
Bang. health wokforce indicators
Bang. country healthcare system structure

Country Healthcare System Structure 

Bangladesh health structure.gif
Bangladesh health delivery structure.png

Current Challenges

Our biggest Challenge is that there have been no government recruitments for the last 8 year. We had spent lot of time to move to Health Ministry and other Regulatory Body for the recruitment but did not receive the reciprocation we had hoped for. If not recruited in the future, the existence of the cadre will disappear. Many diploma holders are currently unemployed.

Bang curent challenges
Bang resources and links

Please note that data provided on this page was last reviewed & updated in November 2021

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